In the depths of the metaverse,
5,000 OTTERS
can be seen swimming, playing, expanding their reach throughout the rivers and seas

Minting May 25th!

Only Otters

When 5,000 unique otters explored the unknown regions of the river banks and seas and ended up in the metaverse. These distinctive otters are now seeking a home in your collection.

While these endearing generative otters may look nice in your collection, each otter plays an existential role of putting a spotlight on the health of our river's and sea's ecosystem.


☐ Phase 1It’s time to give back to our holders! Five random Otter holders will get one otter airdropped to their account.

☐ Phase 2Community challenges (TBD) with otter rewards including 1/1 Only Otter prizes

☐ Phase 3We are firm believers in keeping our home clean which is why an [x] ETH will donated to an elected otter conservation charity by the holders.

☐ Phase 4Contest for artists in the Otter community to showcase their art. One winner will be chosen and will have their art auctioned out under Only Otters.

☐ Phase 5Only Otters merchandise/goodies project will begin. Accessories and merch-design to be decided by holders. Process will be shown in announcements.

☐ Phase 6Otter companions and future utilities leading to roadmap 2.0.

Our Mission

The team has always been fond of not just otters but wildlife in general. From frequent visits to the Pittsburgh Zoo and the PPG aquarium in Pittsburgh to visiting various forests and beaches; our team decided to have an otter as a representative of our 2nd project to spread overall awareness of keeping the rivers and seas safe.

With the goal of spreading awareness, the team is dedicated to donating an [x] amount of ETH to further efforts in protecting various river and sea protected areas which can be decided by a majority of Otters Holders. Donations will also be made to shelters and charities that fight against climate change (rising sea levels and also the ocean’s biggest threat), plastic pollution, overfishing, and acidification.

Contact Us!

Don't hesitate to contact us at DeepSeaJellys@gmail.com
DM us on Twitter @OnlyOttersNFT
Join our Discord for support!